Program ALPHA

ALPHA is our proprietary campaign management and modeling system. We design data driven marketing campaigns and manage them thru the complete campaign life-cycle (plan, test, execute, measure and refine). BBM’s team of managers focus on proper test design, significance testing, establishing error ranges, and key success metrics. We have extensive experience in dealing with marketing databases and predictive data mining techniques including logistic regression and decision tree analysis.

BBM Solutions

Data Driven Solutions

Our data-driven solutions involve a deep analysis of our customers’ data for important audience details. This intelligence informs our multi-channel marketing campaigns so that we can enhance our chances of getting our targets’ attention and evoking the desired response.

Multi-Channel Marketing

We are meeting the needs of the modern marketer with multi-channel campaigns, targeted to the subgroup of prospects that are mostly likely to convert.

Production Services

BBM offers full-service direct mail solutions to creative services for your marketing efforts, whether online or offline.